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It is no secret that in the USA, EMS Personal Training is still very much in its infancy. While in other countries, target audiences are somewhat clear and markets have become fairly established, electric muscle stimulation training is looking at a myriad of possible directions in a land full of opportunity.

One demographic that is unique to the USA, is the fact that there are over 25 million active golfers on the country's numerous courses and ranges. Anyone who has ever teed up a ball and taken their first swings, quickly finds out that golf presents a unique challenge of finding the right balance between strength and precision. While that sounds easy enough, we all know there is way more to it. During a golf swing your entire body is engaged. Your core and lower body need to be stable to form a solid base for an accurate shot. Swing length, hitting the ball flush and the smoothness of your follow through all require a high degree of muscle coordination. On top of that you need to have the endurance to be able to pull all that off consistently. In short, your overall fitness can have a huge impact on your game.

Enter EMS Personal Training with miha bodytec!

The miha bodytec team had been in touch with golf instructors who reported that some of their clients saw almost immediate improvements in their performance by incorporating regular instructed EMS sessions in their training regiment. After reaching out to various publications, it was golf.com's editor James Colgan who got to experience a 12-minute trial session and see for himself, just what electric muscle stimulation training is all about:

James Colgan doing a basic static exercise during his trial session...

"We started with squats, which were easy enough... for the first three reps. My heart rate soared, prompting a workout notification from my smartwatch. After what felt like a long time, we transitioned to lunges. Then came ab work - standing crunches and thoracic rotations. Dillman, who was providing resistance, encouraged me to throw him into the wall. The more I engaged the muscles, Berardi explained, the more I would get from the workout.

I chatted throughout the beginning of the workout, but by the end of the rotational work, there was silence. I was drenched in sweat and completely out of breath, my heart rate comfortably in the 160s.

Only eight minutes left.

Eight minutes. That could only mea- yes. In four (4) minutes (with no weights), EMS Training had pushed me to the brink.

Then came upper-body work. Easier, but still exhausting.

Finally, the eight minutes passed. I slumped over, gasping, sweat dripping down the bridge of my nose and onto the studio's linoleum floor."

Find James' entire article on golf.com!

James was skeptical at first, just like every first timer. And once again it showed that you have to feel it to believe it. Because within only one workout that skepticism had completely turned into the opposite, leading James to the following resumé:

"Training with the miha bodytec system had done a brilliant job of activating those hard-to-train postural muscles in the lower and mid-back. After years of soft tissue injuries from golf, the soreness was oddly intoxicating - as if EMS had reminded me of the blind spots in my current training regimen.

It didn't take my body long to feel as if it had recovered fully from my session. And, while it’s certainly anecdotal evidence, I noticed I looked more toned and maintained better posture in the week following my session than the one leading into it."

Another key takeaway: with EMS Personal Training strength sessions are streamlined and fitness goals easier to attain. This leaves more time for golfers to spend out on the range or in pursuit of more speed. In addition, this comes to miha bodytec's many other functional benefits, including increased flexibility and mobility, improved core and back strength, and boosted circulation.

You can improve your game and improve your body, it’s only once a week, and you don't have to go to the gym. What's not not love?

What are you waiting for? Find an EMS Personal Trainer near you and try it out yourself!

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Source: golf.com

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