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How Much Is EMS Personal Training?

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If you are considering EMS training for the first time, you probably have many questions: How effective is the training actually? How much is a session? What do I need to look for in a trainer? What about health considerations? In fact, these questions are adequately answered by science, training institutes and countless long-time operators in Germany and other European countries. The consensus is that it all depends on how EMS training is offered.

If you plan on doing EMS training on a regular basis, you need to choose an offer that works for you - that goes for both the training itself and the respective price. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay between $75 and $100 per training session. It all depends on how extensive the individual care is that your trainer or studio can offer. There are some important differences to consider here. What these are and what sensible training formats you can choose from, we are going to show in the following overview.

When it comes to the price of a whole-body EMS session, individual care and service quality makes all the difference!

Option 1: EMS Training With Your Own Device At Home

This sounds simple enough. Your own EMS system in the comfort of your home. An EMS session whenever and wherever you want it.


Home EMS systems start at around $800 for the whole set-up. Some gyms, EMS studios and other providers offer a rent-at-home model that starts at $49/month


Without the guidance of a qualified personal trainer, it can be difficult and tedious to find the ideal intensity, motivation, training program and ultimately results. Also, like any other home training machine, an EMS system can easily end up unused in a box under your bed or as the most expensive coat hanger you own.


Very critical! There is a severe risk of misapplication and overtraining.

An EMS session requires the constant attention of a qualified trainer, physical therapist, physiotherapist or Chiropractor. Since your safety cannot be ensured in a private self-application setting, we at EMS-TRAINING.US explicitly advise against it!

Option 2: One On One EMS Personal Training

It doesn’t get any better than this! Whether with a trainer at your home, at a studio, gym or a physical therapy practice, one on one EMS Personal Training is the best way to go!


The price for an individual EMS session with a personal trainer is somewhere between $120 and 200$. If you use a trainer’s at home or concierge service, there are also travel expenses to consider. Most personal training operators offer a membership model with options for 3, 6 or 12 month packages.


A qualified and experienced trainer or therapist can customize your workout for optimal results. Close interaction between trainer and trainee ensures maximum motivation and correct form. Your trainer also monitors the adherence to regular appointments and helps you to develop a safe and effective workout routine with lasting results.


Ideal! Your trainer monitors and manages the intensity at all times. Individual coaching and planning for maximum safety and noticeable results!


Option 3: One To Two EMS Personal Training

Effective, motivating and safe - with two users supervised by a qualified trainer or therapist, one to two training can offer the best value for money.


The price for an EMS partner session is $75 to $120. Usually this option is offered as a membership package based on 6, 12 or 24 months.


A qualified and experienced trainer can carry out a standardized workout with a maximum of 2 people in a highly efficient way. The close interaction between the trainer and the trainees provides the maximum drive. The trainer also manages training appointments and helps you develop a workout routine and motivation, which ensures lasting results.


Very good! - and probably the most frequently offered EMS training option. While one to two training is, of course, a little less individualized, it boasts a very attractive efficiency and excellent results.

Option 4: EMS Group Training

The group dynamic and a cheaper price are an interesting alternative at first glance…


Little supervision and only limited professional support. One trainer is responsible for more than two trainees at the same time. It is mostly gyms that offer EMS training in this form - for a small additional fee in addition to the membership rates.


Without close supervision by a trainer and direct communication, finding the optimal intensity is only possible to a very limited extent. As a result, you may not even achieve a relevant degree of hypertrophy. With an increasing group size, the trainer's ability to personally attend to each individual client decreases. A high level of intrinsic motivation is necessary. Trainees are likely to no see any results if they are not being attended to by the trainer.


Critical! There is a high risk of misapplication and overtraining. A quick response to individual participants' potential problems is difficult to ensure.

According to scientific research, even an experienced trainer is only capable of monitoring and controlling an effective intensity for a maximum of two users. For years now this supervision ratio is the basis of the German Industry Norm for EMS Training.

Keeping that in mind, we at EMS-TRAINING.US say: Save your money and meet your friends for other group activities. ;-)

On EMS-TRAINING.US you will only find EMS operators that offer an individualized personal training service.

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