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WellFit LI by Rocco Caprarella
WellFit LI by Rocco Caprarella
Glen Cove Road 87
11548 Greenvale, United States of America
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I enjoy training with Rocco so much,I see a big transformation in my body for the first time in my life,thanks again - 11/3/23
Stacey - 10/24/23
My 20 minute weekly sessions with Rocco are amazing…for years I have run, biked, hiked, and tried many other workout routines, but nothing changed my body like WellFitLI… thank you Rocco!!!!
Nadine Parnell - 10/20/23
I have been doing EMS training with Rocco for almost 3 months. This is one of the most challenging workouts that I do. I see the difference in my body and my strength. It really gives you a 3 hour workout in 20 minutes. I highly recommend the Electric Body Workout. It is amazing!
TJ Costello - 10/20/23
Rocco is with you on the journey! His knowledge & upbeat positivity motivates me thru my customized personal training sessions, and beyond. I feel motivated throughout the week.
Elina Khantses - 10/20/23
Absolutely insane muscle toning workout by far! I am sore for days but the energy boost you get lasts even longer. Rocco’ definitely brings it with his motivation and upbeat attitude with every workout. Results speak for themselves. I feel great and my body is toned and tight in all the right places!
Oksana - 10/20/23
Working with Rocco has been amazing! He is very knowledgeable, motivating and supportive. Understands my health goals and helps me achieve them. He explains how EMS training works and guides you through every move you make, making sure your form is perfect to avoid injury and get the most out of your session. So happy I found him & have been recommending him to all my friends!
Jane - 10/20/23
It works! With two little ones, finding the time to work out is tough- the 20 min session coupled with the electrical stimulation is super efficient!
Julie Schliftman - 10/20/23
Rocco is the best trainer and most knowledgeable person for EMS it has changed my life I would love to do this forever
John Iacone - 10/20/23
This is a very unique workout what you can accomplish in 20mins is Nothing short of amazing and Rocco has mastered the art!
Lula Cardoza - 10/20/23
My new obsession, Rocco is amazing!!!
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