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South Rexford Drive 317
90212 Beverly Hills, United States of America

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Coaching for Athletes EMS Personal Training (1:1) EMS Partner Training (1:2) back training body toning increase muscle strength

Welcome to BODYLAB.LA !

No time to go to the Gym? We have THE solution called EMS-Training!

Get fit in just 20 minutes once a week with a high effective training method.

Your advantages ... 

  • increase muscle strength
  • reduce fat and shape your body
  • reduce back problems
  • save your time
  • stay motivated with your personal trainer

How it works?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is a highly innovative form of muscle stimulation technology that has been successfully tested and proven in astronaut training, physical therapy and sports medicine.

The use of EMS for fitness training has been validated by multiple university studies in the U.S. and Europe. These studies concluded that EMS training is highly effective in providing measurable fitness results.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation immediately gets to work on low-lying muscle fibers, and this is what makes EMS training particularly efficient.

Regardless of whether you want to bulk up those muscles or hit your weight loss goals, EMS training can be tailored to bring fast, visible results to a wide range of fitness needs.

Our mission ...

Quality and saftey is what we are looking for in order to reach your fitness goals.

Therefore we work with the FDA approved EMS machine, ,Miha Bodytec II'.

Take action now and get it started! 

Book your trial session today and feel the efficiency of our EMS Training!

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