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“EMS Has Changed my Life!”

Personal Reports

“Here’s my story … Even as a kid I was bulky, and the older I became the more kilos I got on my hips. So being bullied was normal for me. The result was that I was eating even more because I was so frustrated. I was desperately unhappy at this time of my life, but I didn’t have the will to change something about my situation. Until I read an article about EMS training in the newspapers two years ago!

Pre-Post comparison EMS-TrainingSo I gathered all my courage and went to an open day. I got a lot of useful information and signed in for a trial session. 

Before and after EMS training: 
Lisa has lost 50 kilos (110 lb) through EMS training! 

And then my whole life has changed … I remember this EMS suit that fitted so closely ... of course, it was way too small for me. I looked so fat!!! I have never felt that embarrassed in my whole life.

I immediately signed a contract right after my first training session. After 3 weeks, I even decided to take part in a nutrition coaching as well. My life has completely changed since then!!

I have lost more than 50 kilos, I have lost half of my body fat percentage, I don’t need painkillers anymore, and I work out at least five times a week!!! I would have never achieved that without EMS and my fantastic trainer Fabio Melis!” 

Pre-post comparison: the photo on the left shows Lisa two weeks before her first EMS training session. The photo on the right is one month old. Wow!

Wanna try EMS?

Now it’s your turn! Have you also achieved such great successes through EMS training? Share your experience and write us: service@ems-training.com

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