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Tanja: Pain-Free Walking Thanks to EMS

Personal Reports

Tanja is 41 years old and works in shifts as a nurse. Since a knee operation she has had problems walking properly and without complaints. That’s why she tried electrical muscle stimulation – and it helped! 

For about 1.5 years now Tanja has been training at “Effective Sports” in Bad Urach once a week – on the one hand to finally be able to walk without problems, on the other hand also for body shaping and tightening. She relies solely on EMS: Tanja does not pursue any further sporting activities and there was no change in diet for the vegetarian after the start of the training.  

Here Tanja tells us her experiences and successes: 

Tanja, what experience have you had with EMS?

After a serious knee operation I had already given up hope for a pain-free life or a normal gait pattern. Then the EMS studio “Effective Sports” opened in Bad Urach. And what months of rehabilitation and physiotherapy have not achieved, I was able to accomplish after only a few weeks thanks to EMS! I built up my muscles very quickly, no longer limp and have my quality of life back.

What is so special about “Effective Sports”?

The special thing about “Effective Sports” is the individual training that is exactly tailored to my needs. And of course the great trainers, who always motivate me anew and thus increase my performance. Here you are not one of many. Thank you “Effective Sports”!

How did you get to know EMS training?

My physiotherapist first told me about EMS and advised me to try it. At the same time I had the flyer for the opening of “Effective Sports” in my mailbox. On the same day I went there and arranged a trial session.

That this was Tanja’s right decision becomes clear when you look at her great results!

Results / body measurements:

Body weight: 61.2 kg (unchanged)

Body fat percentage: 23.2 %.

Muscular percentage: 31.8 %.

Chest circumference: - 3.0 cm

Waist circumference: - 4.5 cm

Hip circumference: - 2.0 cm

Arm circumference: - 1.0 cm

Leg circumference: - 2.0 cm

You also want to get such great results? Don’t hesitate to arrange a trial session! Search for a studio near you or let us search for you!

If you were able to achieve positive effects with EMS yourself, tell us about it! Just send us your success story by e-mail to service@ems-training.com

Here you can read more testimonials from people who have had great success with EMS: Testimonials

Photos: Effective Sports

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