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Hans-Jürgen (81): Strong Back thanks to EMS Training

Personal Reports

Hans-Jürgen Berg is 81 years old and has always been coping with back pain. After having been training with electrical muscle stimulation for one year, he feels like a new man since then!

EMS-Training personal report Hans back pain

When starting with EMS training in January 2016, Hans Jürgen has been over two strokes, several slipped discs, and back pain for more than 30 years. Recommended by his son-in-law, he wanted to try EMS training at the age of 80 so bad.

At that time he was short of breath, had balance problems, and absolutely no stamina. Every morning he also had severe back pain, so that he had to lean on the washstand when brushing his teeth. Since then he has been training with EMS once a week. He had exactly 64 EMS training sessions since his first one that has changed his life.

Hans-Jürgen’s conclusion:

“EMS training has made me feel better very fast. My back has notably improved after three months of training. There was less pain. What a relief! My whole stamina has gotten better, so that I leap three stairs at a time without any problems, and I am able to throw my grandchild up in the air now. He loves that! Soon I want to start golfing again. I haven’t been able to do that for years, but I am sure that I can do it without any pain now!”

But that’s not all! Stefan Lamm, Hans-Jürgen's coach, tells us:

“Hans-Jürgen Berg is our oldest member and the best proof that EMS training is very efficient and versatile. During his first training sessions I had to support him and was scared that he could fall over. Today he is able to do his workout without any help and he is in top form. He manages to do 20 press-ups and hasn’t only lost 10 kilo in one year, but also 10 cm of his waist circumference.”

Have you also gotten positive results with your EMS training? Let us know! Send an e-mail to service@ems-training.com and tell us your story!

Photo: 25MINUTES

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