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EMS Clothing ‒ What to Wear During Training

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Your EMS trial session is just around the corner and you still have a lot of questions – for example about what you actually wear during training? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about EMS clothing!

EMS clothing consists of functional underwear + vest

Special EMS clothing is required for EMS training. You can’t do electrical muscle stimulation in normal sportswear like you might wear during fitness (shirt and leggings). The EMS functional underwear and vest will be handed out to you by the trainers at the EMS studio on your first workout. So you don’t have to bring anything but sneakers (but you can also train barefoot), a towel and a bottle of water for your first training session.

EMS clothing

→ EMS underwear 

On the one hand, EMS clothing includes EMS underwear. Put this on first. It is very tight and consists of an EMS T-shirt and EMS pants. Both are breathable and usually made of cotton, elastane or polyamide. These materials guarantee a high wearing comfort as well as functionality during the workout. The EMS underwear also protects the skin and ensures that it does not come into contact with the electrodes. It is important that you don’t wear anything underneath your EMS underwear, so no underpants and no bra. 

If you sign a contract and want to continue with EMS, you can take the EMS suit home with you after training. It will then be yours – because of hygienic reasons everyone has his or her own EMS functional underwear. In many studios, EMS clothing is included in the starter package. 

→ EMS vest

The EMS underwear is not all you wear during training. On top of that is the EMS vest with the electrodes. This functional vest is sprayed with water, so the current is better conducted. In addition, you get Velcro® pads on your arms, legs and bottom.

If you wear the EMS clothing, your first training can already start!

You want to try out EMS? Find the right studio near you and arrange a trial session!

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