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Can I Do EMS Training at Home Alone?

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First and foremost, training at home sounds comfortable. That’s what it is: no drive to the studio, no driving costs and you can train flexibly in familiar surroundings. This may be okay for a conventional workout on the treadmill or crosstrainer or a few exercises on the mat. But if you can do an EMS workout at home alone as well, you'll find out in the following!

EMS: Always with Trainer and Under Supervision

The training method of electrical muscle stimulation is inherently harmless. However, as with all other sports, there is a risk of overexertion and injury due to incorrect handling or overestimation of one's own abilities. Therefore, you should be cautious if you plan to control the EMS device yourself during training.

If you have no educational background in EMS, you lack the ability to judge the strength of the electrical impulses and the EMS device itself. Since EMS is very effective, the workout can quickly overexert your muscles. 

If you train yourself, it is also not possible to intervene in a controlling way if the intensity is too high because your arms and hands, like the rest of your body, are subject to the impulses.

In addition, without a trainer and know-how, you are on your own when it comes to selecting and carrying out exercises. Nobody shows the exercises to you, takes corrective action or draws attention to incorrect postures. 

Therefore: Never train alone without supervision! Experts and scientists even strictly advise against the private use of whole-body EMS devices without a trainer!

Personal training

How Is EMS Training Still Possible at Home?

If you still prefer to train with electrical muscle stimulation at home rather than in a gym or EMS studio, you should consider one of these two options:

  • You buy yourself a new or used EMS device (cost: several thousand euros/USD) and order in a trainer to your home.
  • You train with a personal trainer who brings the EMS device for you. Some trainers offer home visits. This is the much cheaper option. 

Advantages of EMS training at home: 

→ time flexibility / time saving

→ independent of studio opening hours

→ no driveway / no search for a parking space

→ familiar setting

Disadvantages of EMS training at home: 

→ higher price than in studio

→ environmental distraction

→ you have to hire a personal trainer because training without supervision involves the risk of overexertion or injury

➤ EMS is personal training and thus should only be carried out with a personal trainer in order to achieve the best possible effect on the one hand and not to take any risks on the other!

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