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4 Years of EMS Training Experience

Personal Reports

I am not writing advertising messages here, and I don’t know it all by hearsay. I am only telling about my own experiences and those of my wife. Together we will be 143 years old in March of this year.

Willy Ehrlich + wife EMS training

Painless Through Everyday Life

At the end of 2012, when my two shoulders let me down one after another, I then looked for possible solutions after a successful mobilisation. Fitness training with special shoulder gymnastics was obvious and so I ended up at Bodystreet Berlin Kranoldplatz and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). I soon realised that my shoulders were no longer a problem for me, and I felt somehow better overall, and so I sticked to training for 20 minutes once a week. After one year – at the beginning of 2014 – I wanted to cut my toenails on the edge of the bathtub as usual. As before, I expected back pain when I had to get up again after this procedure. No sooner said than done, and: NOTHING! Astonished, I then began to take a closer look at my body and realised that I moved completely painlessly and had gained a lot of strength without noticing it.

[In the years 2011 and 2012, I looked for escalators and elevators in Berlin’s public transport system now and then; you just get more comfortable. Now I am back on the stairs again – just like when I was delivering newspapers. Additionally: if you look at our top athletes, especially track and field athletes, footballers, and handballers, does anyone think that any of them are still swinging dumbbells? No, I don’t believe that anymore. They all do EMS training.]

Success Doesn't Come Overnight – But Staying On is Worth It

In the middle of 2014, I was able to persuade my wife to start with EMS training as well because of my good successes with it. Actually, we had already quit skiing and dancing, but now we can start again – with a very strong increase in physical performance – or we can carry on. It has to be said that it takes about 18 months for a 65-year-old to achieve noticeable physical success. For a 75-year-old, it takes 24 months, and we can do a lot of things that were not possible a year or two ago. Of course, you can also train more often than once a week, but then you run the risk of muscle hardening due to creatine kinase. 

[From my Doppelkopf club and from the various committees of my party, I know many “old men” who have more and more problems with their mobility. I know that all of these could be helped with EMS training and I am also beating the big drum for this kind of exercise. Of course, I have already been able to convince some of them and I know that in the foreseeable future they will be enthusiastic and grateful to me.]

My Conclusion

We would have never thought it possible that fitness training which is limited to a period of 20 minutes per week would have such great effects. We are sure that “decrepit age” won’t be a problem for us. The back doesn’t hurt anymore, gardening is no longer a torture and neither is housework.

So, dear interested people, get fit again, do the only really effective fitness training, throw away the painkillers next year, put the rollator back in the corner, and look to a positive future!

- Willy Ehrlich

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